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Email Solutions

Cybaem Tech have been dedicated to delivering the finest email solutions in Pune. As a premier Mailing Solution Provider Company, we offer both 'On-premises' and 'Cloud'-based email solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals and businesses.

⦾ Organizations often allocate substantial resources to maintain email hosting servers, including extensive IT teams. However, there's a more cost-effective and efficient approach. Companies can save resources and streamline operations by partnering with Microsoft Email Solutions Providers who deliver tailored solutions that ensure your communications are always accessible.

Our Email Solutions bring a host of benefits :

Enhanced Mailboxes :We provide better, more reliable mailboxes to optimize your communication channels and elevate productivity.

Data Protection :Sensitive data is safeguarded, ensuring the privacy and security of your digital communications.

Reduced Maintenance Efforts :Microsoft Email Solutions Authorized Dealers minimize the time and effort spent on server maintenance and management. Our solutions offer a user-friendly, web-based administration interface, simplifying the management process.

Role-Based Access Control :Customized role-based access control allows your helpdesk and specialist employees to perform specific tasks without requiring full administrative permissions, streamlining your organizational workflow.

Global Outlook Email Solutions :Our GO Mobile Email Suite is an ideal choice for organizations already utilizing Microsoft Exchange for email hosting. This suite enables remote email management, including sending and receiving emails, accessing contacts, tasks, and calendars. It's a wireless solution that empowers efficient email communication.

Comprehensive Solutions Offered :

Cybaem Tech offers a wide array of Email Solutions designed to optimize organizational efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs. With our user-friendly web-based administration interface, we provide a holistic approach to email management. From enhanced mailboxes to advanced data protection, our solutions cater to all your email needs.
Experience the excellence of Cybaem Tech's Email Solutions and take the first step towards efficient, secure, and cost-effective email communication